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Note: Several valuable resources have "disappeared" from the web.  We have attempted to keep broken links updated when locations change, but when necessary we have linked to the archived version of the page at web.archive.org.

Siobhan Kolar and Lisa D'Ambrosio

Biographical Information

Photo Archive
Vygotsky Biography
Biography  of Vygotsky and a list of links, some of which also appear here.
Biographical Notes
Provides brief bio and links to writings by Vygotsky, also part of site created by Dr. Andy Blunden. He also provides another page with more detailed biographical information.


Japan Association of Language Teaching
A list of theoretical papers dealing with Vygotsky.
Theory Into Practice Database
Brief overview of Vygotsky's theory of social development. 
Massey University Virtual Faculty
A site cataloguing resources on Lev Semenovich Vygotsky  inaugurated for  the centenary of Vygotsky's birth by providing a Web conference on various aspects of Vygotsky's collected works.  Academic papers and other resources on Vygotsky are continually added.   By A.J. Lock, Dept. of Psychology, Massey University, New Zealand.
Review and Analysis of Vygotsky's Thought and Language
By Alexis Benson at the University of Houston in Clear Lake, a review and summary of Vygotsky's Thought and Language.
Cultural-Historical Psychology
A list of theoretical articles having to do with cultural-historical psychology, a theory  influenced by Vygotsky. Some of the articles have to do with applications in the classroom.
Cognition and Instruction Course Materials
A website from the University of Colorado at Denver, this one for an Educational Psychology course on Cognition and Instruction. A variety of information, including APA style and a lot of theory information that is online. Includes 2 papers on Vygotsky.
Socio-Cultural Theory
A list of sites having to do with Vygotsky and related theories from University of Colorado.
Instructional Technology Connections
A general list of educational theory information online from University of Colorado at Denver.
The World Wide Web and the Dialectics of Consciousness
ISCRAT paper on the World Wide Web and activity theory, derived from Vygotsky.
Vygotsky and the Dialectical Method
Interesting information about Vygotsky and Piaget within a document by  Dr. Andy Blunden at  Melbourne University.
Vygotsky - Christine Guerra and Ricardo Schutz
Brief paper detailing Vygotsky's influence on a language-learning theory.
Vygotsky and Assessment
A paper by Sam Wineburg in Phi Delta Kappan that touches on Vygtosky's influence in the area of assessment.
Mathematics Education:  Constructivism and Vygotsky
        A list of reviewed sites related to this topic from the University of        Swarthmore.
"Egocentric Speech, a debate between Piaget and Vygotsky."
A humorous group of web pages that discusses the issue of egocentric speech, created by Shawn Chou in 1995, a student at SMU.
Vygtosky  From a Primer on Topics Related to Instructional Design
Created by Laurie Phillips, a paper that outlines some of the main points of Vygotsky's theory of learning and focuses on the implications for instructional technologists.  Published as part of Auburn Unversity's Educational Foundations, Leadership, Technology website.

Information for Teachers

Vygotsky - Ken Johansen
A scholar-teacher's links to research work that provide additional information about Vygotsky, and include a reflection that he created as a theoretical background for a classroom observation.
Knowledge Integration Environment
A site from the University of California at Berkeley on science instruction that integrates the computer and Internet into the classroom. This page highlights the research findings on methods that scaffold science instruction. Practical information for teachers.
Teacher Preparation Conceptual Framework
Appalachian State's statement of philosophy for its College of Education. Good information here with more detailed links that show how they have appropriated Vygotsky and others.
Instructional Technology Resource Links
List of sites dealing with different learning theories. A focus on computer applications in the classroom. Sites on Vygotsky and Piaget.
The Collaborative Classroom
Document from NCREL, the North Central Regional Educational Lab in Oak Brook, that discusses the collaborative classroom. Descriptive and comprehensive. Example of classroom application influenced by Vygotsky.

In Practice

Best Practices in Education
An organization that funds projects that bring international approaches to the US,  this site contains material on two projects using Vygotskian theory in schools.

Other Resources

Vygotsky Mail Lists
From Dr. Boris Gindis' page which lists his writings on Vygotsky. This page lists listservs that discuss Vygotsky. Dr. Gindis' page also includes a CV for Vygotsky's daughter who also is an educational psychologist.
Phillips Library at Aurora University
Vygotsky Photo


Siobhan Kolar and Lisa D'Ambrosio
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